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For the past five years I’ve been teaching Cinematography at Art Center - College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

In 2010, we started a pioneer academic program in Stereo 3D Cinematography, that comprehends workshop and laboratory.

On the 2013 Fall term we engaged in a Research and Development of the future of S3D presentations - the field of Cinematic Visual Immersion.

This project is in sync with many university researches known as Total Immersion and/or Fulldomme and other Virtual Reality techniques.

The project is being detailed in its content, scope, budget considerations and ACCD Film Department program integration.

For Spring of 2013 term, we adquired from Stereolabs in France, the most sophisticated Stereo Analyzer called  PURE ON-SET and VERITY to Quality Control of the final editing content.

It perfects the design and alignment of our stereo camera rigs and improve the quality of our production content.

From our theoretical studies we produced very advanced software applications as stereo 3D calculators.

Affonso Beato, ASC ,ABC

photo Joshua Diaz

On the WORKSHOP, our main goal is to prepare students with the current professional knowledge to shoot, edit and project stereoscopic films.

Since we started, we had  around 50 students engaged in our program and more than thirty S3D film projects produced.

At the LABORATORY many projects were researched and developed as, stereo camera rigs, stereo displays and stereo projection systems aiming the knowledge of their basic functions and the design and construction of simple equipment to the professional independent film market. This development counts with support of Graphic Design, Product Design and Machine shops of the Art Center.

As hardware, we just acquired two RED MX and a set of GoPro 3D cameras, that with their wide angle capabilities will help the students to captured a myriad of images, that will be used in the study and development of our Stereo Visual Immersion Project.

photo Stella Kalinina

photo Joshua Diaz

If you are interested in 3D, please read these texts:

STEREO 3D PRESENTATIONS - HISTORY, PRESENT AND FUTURE  in its revision stage, by Affonso Beato, ASC, ABC.

UNDERSTANDING COMFORTABLE STEREOGRAPHY, by Affonso Beato, ASC, ABC with the Ortho Stereo Model Theory, an approach on how to shoot stereoscopic images that don’t produce visual stress.

THE BASICS OF STEREO PHOTOGRAPHY,  by David Stump, ASC, an introduction of some problems you will face shooting Stereo 3D.